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Heating Tips For The Winter

Heating Tips For The Winter

Even if you have the very best, most efficient furnace, it does cost money to operate, and we know that with Christmas only days away, everybody would rather not spend money on their heating bills. So for this month, and every month to come, here are some great ideas to help save money on the bills you can’t just eliminate. Even trying a few of these will make a difference, but go ahead; take a leap of faith and try them all.

  • USE A PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT: One of the best investments you can make in your home is a programmable thermostat. By setting it up to warm the home while you are active, and allowing the temperature to drop while you are gone or sleeping, you can save a considerable amount on your heating bills. A temperature drop of more than ten degrees is not advisable and may take more energy to heat back up, but even a ten-degree drop during the day while you are working, and a five-degree drop at night will make plenty of difference. Change the temperature about half an hour before you awaken to stabilize the warmth, and let it drop about an hour after you go to bed, so your body heat will accumulate in the blankets and keep you warm. Studies show that humans sleep better in a colder room with a blanket than in a warmer room with no blanket.

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  • PUT ON WARM CLOTHES AND DRESS IN LAYERS: If you are running around in short sleeves or shorts, the house is too warm. Dress in two layers, with warm socks and slippers. A sock cap will make a tremendous difference if you are really needing to save some money and want to stay warm. Although at first, you may resent having to dress like an Eskimo, you will soon adjust to it, and feel very cozy in your layers. Seeing your bill drop by adjusting the temperature another three degrees will seal the deal.
  • CLOSE OFF UNUSED ROOMS AND SHUT THE VENTS: There is no reason to heat a room that is not in use. Many of us have rooms that we don’t use all the time, and closing them off is a money-saver.
  • CAULK AROUND WINDOWS IF THEY SHOW A DRAFT: Get a stick of incense, light it, and go around the frames of your windows. If they are leaky, the smoke from the incense will trail to the side instead of straight up. Caulk the windows to stop cold air from sabotaging your efforts.
  • USE THE METHODS OF OUR GRANDPARENTS: Without the modern methods available to us, our grandparents had other methods to help fight the cold. We have forgotten many of them, but they are as valuable to us today as they were in their day. Use good lined drapes in the winter. Open in the morning to let the sun heat the house, and close at dusk to help keep the house warm at night. If you don’t want to use electric blankets, warm your bed with rice. Yes, rice. Take a couple of old socks and fill them with rice. Microwave the socks for a few minutes, then slip under the blankets to warm your bed about 20 minutes before you climb in.
  • EAT WARM FOODS AND SIP HOT DRINKS: Warm yourself from the inside out. Salads are wonderful, and iced tea is to die for, but in the colder months try a casserole or soup, and sip some hot tea or decaf coffee. Hot cider or cranberry juice are also very comforting.

These tips will be second nature next year if you start implementing them this year. After seeing your bills drop, you will be excited to find even more for next winter. Stay warm and cozy from Daycool Heating and Air!!