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One of the basic components in creating a comfortable home environment is the quality of your indoor air. Keeping the air clean is crucial to maintaining a healthy setting for those living here, especially if these individuals have any existing respiratory problems.

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Unfortunately, even the cleanest and most tidy properties can encounter high concentrations of air pollutants on a daily basis. The most common cause of this problem? Air leaks in the duct system.

How Air Leaks Affect Your Ductwork and Your Home

How Air Leaks Affect Your Ductwork and Your Home

Your HVAC system uses the air ducts to transport the air throughout your home. If the structure has air leaks, it will be difficult for the system to contain all that pleasant air. Instead of blowing it into your living room, a percentage of the air escapes through the holes. Moreover, outside air can contaminate the airflow – lowering the overall air quality.

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A duct system that’s riddled with cracks and leaks also puts a strain on your heating and cooling devices. In order for the appliances to provide you with conditioned air, they’ll have to work double-time to make up for wasted air. As a result, they use up more power and increase your energy costs.

Fortunately, sealing the air leaks will stop these problems from ever occurring. Once they’re sealed, the levels of the following air pollutants, allergens, and contaminants will be reduced or eliminated:

  • Stored chemicals from the attic or garages
  • Dust that has accumulated in the crawl space
  • Airborne bacteria, germs, viruses, etc.
  • Pest waste like urine and feces

Additionally, your HVAC system’s performance and energy efficiency will be restored.

However, it’s unwise to patch the leaks by yourself. You need the proper equipment and expertise to make sure that you seal every hole.

In fact, it’s best to just contact Daycool Heating & Air so we can do it for you instead.

Create a Healthy Home Environment with Daycool Heating & Air

Create a Healthy Home Environment with Daycool Heating & Air

Daycool Heating & Air applies professional duct cleaning and sealing methods to help you create a healthy home environment. However, when it comes to sealing air leaks, we use the power of Aeroseal® technology.

Unlike conventional sealants, Aeroseal® addresses the problem from inside the ductwork. It works by putting escaped air under pressure while filling the air ducts with polymer particles. These particles are unique because they stick to the edges of the leak, then to each other – closing the holes in time.

This process is easier and more convenient, so it’s no surprise that our company added Aeroseal® to our duct sealing arsenal. We can also maintain the cleanliness of your indoor air quality by cleaning the ductwork regularly and installing UV lights.

Keeping up with consistent ductwork cleaning eliminates dust and dirt buildup. It also makes your HVAC more efficient since there’s nothing blocking the airways. UV lights, on the other hand, destroy bacteria and other viruses to their core. This means that your indoor air quality will be free from contaminants all year round.

If you’re interested in improving your home’s environment with our services, contact us at 251-220-0706 today. Our company helps properties in Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama.