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Duct Sealing a Logical Add-On to Duct Cleaning, Officials Say

Duct Sealing with Aeroseal

At Aeroseal, we pride ourselves on the “1-2 punch” that cleaning and sealing duct work offers homeowners and business owners.

You probably already know the benefits of cleaning air duct systems in homes and buildings. Unfortunately, cleaning a duct system alone is only “fixing the symptom” (e.g. the ducts are dirty). It does not prevent the ducts from getting dirty AGAIN.

Good news! Aeroseal makes it extremely easy to effectively clean ducts AND prevent them from getting dirty again, leading to improved air quality (less dust and airborne allergens) in homes and buildings. See how Aeroseal works.

Furthermore, SNIPS magazine recently published Duct sealing a logical add-on service to cleaning, officials say by Michael McConnell.

In the article, McConnell writes, “For a growing number of duct cleaning companies, a project isn’t finished until that newly scrubbed ductwork and its HVAC system have been sealed. Sealing ductwork involves applying products such as tapes, coatings and sprays to the ductwork’s exterior or interior to ensure homeowners and building owners get all the HVAC performance they expect.”

NADCA Executive Director Kristy Cohen adds, “[Duct Sealing] is a service that’s growing in popularity.”

She points out, “We’re seeing an increase in the number of our NADCA members who are in that duct-sealing space. It’s something that they are looking at as a natural progression.”

Read the original full article on SNIPS magazine.

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