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Air Flow Testing in Mobile & Baldwin County, AL

Air Flow Testing in Mobile & Baldwin County, AL

To keep your interior nice and cool, you rely on your HVAC appliances or ductwork to do the job. In order to keep up with the demands on these appliances and systems, manufacturers are creating newer models that are better and more hi-tech. These new models are prompting energy auditing companies to step-up their game and deliver a comprehensive result to their clients. That is why we, at Daycool Heating & Air, now offer air flow (also known as static pressure) testing.

Air flow pressure testing is fairly new to your ears. This quick test will determine the conditions of your existing duct and HVAC systems – making sure that they are operating at their full capacity. Air flow pressure testing Why, you ask? Sometimes damaged ductwork or HVACs are the reason why your energy consumption is on the rise. Air leaks, appliance malfunctions, and the like hinder your systems from achieving their highest potential, costing you more in the future. By going on with this inspection, we can help you locate the problem before it is too late.

To do this, we will perform the following steps:

  • Look for the right location to drill the test holes
  • Drill in the equipment and/or duct system
  • Take air flow readings
  • Compare the results to manufacturer’s pressure ratings
  • Look for the component that has the highest pressure drop

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A process such as this is meant to be handled by the professionals, so it is in your best interest to contact Daycool Heating & Air. We can perform this test on your HVAC systems and/or your ductwork system. So give us a call at: 251-220-0706 and transform your home into an energy-efficient property today! All of our services are available to properties located in the surrounding areas of Mobile & Baldwin County, AL.

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