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Spring Cleaning Your Ductwork

When we think of spring cleaning, we think of washing windows, cleaning carpets, and refreshing the draperies and mini-blinds. There are other areas of the home that benefit from annual maintenance, and some of them are too important to overlook.

Your ventilation system is one important aspect of your home that tends to get neglected. The same dust and dirt accumulating on your ceiling fan blades and in your carpet fibers are spread throughout your house via your ductwork. Proper filtration will collect about ten percent of the particulates in the air. To effectively clean your home, you should clean your ductwork during spring cleaning.

Reduce Allergens

Your heating and cooling systems recirculate the air in your home several times a day. We all know that spring is a tough time for allergy sufferers, and those allergens are moving through your home double time as pollen and ragweed blossom. Pet dander, cigarette smoke, and other irritants also move freely. If someone in the home is ill, those germs may also be circulating throughout the home. Many people do report a lessening of symptoms after the ductwork is cleaned, with one study conducted by the Allergy Consumer Review showing a 75% reduction in airborne particles. By cleaning your ducts in the same time frame as your general annual cleaning, you are able to double up on your efforts to remove contaminants from your home