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Around-the-Clock AC Repair in Daphne, AL, for Your Home

The entire purpose of your home’s heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) system is to keep you and your family comfortable when you get to stay home and relax. If your HVAC system is acting up, though, it might be making you less comfortable.

To get your climate control system back under control again, call on Daycool Heating & Air in Daphne. We have a team of industry professionals standing at the ready to help you out in a pinch, including 24/7 services for emergencies, like a broken AC unit in a heatwave. From repairs and maintenance to tune-ups, we are here to handle all of your home’s HVAC needs!

See what so many others are talking about by calling our Daphne AC repair and heating installation team at (251) 260-3858 or filling out our online contact form now.

AC Services Cool Enough for Your Family

As locals who know Alabama and its climate, our team from Daycool Heating & Air knows firsthand how important it is to have a fully functional air conditioning unit for your home. When the summer heat rolls in, you definitely will want one you can count on to work to its full efficiency. In case your AC system is not keeping you cool, or if it has not gotten any professional attention for years, let us take a look at it.

Our four most popular AC services offered in Daphne are:

  • Repairs: A broken air conditioner is no match for our industry AC repair professionals in Daphne, AL. We have the tools and training needed to work on all types of cooling systems. Using an inspection to start, we can identify the problem and how to repair it.
  • Tune-ups: A good approach to keeping your cooling system happy is arranging regular maintenance with Daycool Heating & Air. We keep tune-up the system’s many parts to ensure they are working well. Maintenance lets us catch small issues and recommend fixes before they become serious and more expensive to correct.
  • Replacements: Particularly old cooling systems should be replaced sooner or later. With a replacement and upgraded system, you will notice an immediate increase in the comfort levels of your home.
  • AC Installation: Are you working on new construction? We can install a new AC system to complete your project. We can also discuss installing individual cooling systems for particular rooms, like a ductless mini-split for a garage-turned-bedroom.

Subtle Signs You Need AC Repair in Daphne, AL

1. Foul smells - Because cooling air requires quite a bit of condensation there can sometimes be excess moisture that gets stuck around your unit or in your ducts. The musky smell of mold or mildew is pretty noticeable but also look out for burning plastic coming from your air vents.

2. Sounds that are off - If you've had your AC for some time, you should have a good idea of what it sounds like. While all AC units make some noise, if you notice anything new and or abrupt then make sure to call in our Daphne AC repair experts promptly because some of these breakdowns an get worse over time.

3. Water leaks - Water shouldn't be coming out of your unit anywhere but where leaks occur most often are the condensate line and the drain pan. These leaks can be easily patched or the parts can be replaced so don't fret.

4. Utility bills on the rise - If you've noticed that your electrical bill is steadily rising, call in our AC repair team. It could be that your AC isn't at 100% and needing more electricity because of it so give us a call to inspect your unit.

5. Ice accumulation - If you have a dirty air filter or an evaporator coil that needs to be cleaned, it could block the airflow necessary to check the unit's coolant. When this happens you may get some ice accumulation and it could stop your unit from working properly.

How To Tell You Need A New AC Installation

  • Old age - On average, AC units last about 10 years depending on use, environment, maintenance and brand. If yours is much older than that and breaking down, don't sink more money into repairing it and putt that money towards a new unit by consulting our AC installation team.
  • Repair after repair - We'll always be happy to come in and fix your AC, but if you're getting to know our AC repair experts by name they're over so often, consider getting a new unit to save money in the long run.
  • It requires R22 Freon - Because of the 2020 Freon Ban, AC units that require the banned refrigerant will become more and more expensive to run. To be clear, the use of the coolant isn't prohibited but the production is so make sure to replace your unit before sinking more money into a unit that's going to cost you more each time you need to replace the coolant.
  • Indoor air quality that's suffering - If you're noticing an uptick in dust proliferating around your home or humidity, consult our Daphne AC installation experts. As HVAC units get older and older they'll negatively impact your indoor air quality more and more so make the switch.

Things are Heating Up with Our Heating Services

Looking for reliable heating services that don’t break the bank? Daycool Heating & Air has you covered there as well! We know just how chilly winter nights in Daphne can feel, so we work carefully to make certain your heater is always ready and able to warm you up. Our team has been trained to service a number of heating systems, like furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and more.

Call (251) 260-3858 to let us know if you need help with:

  • Heater repair: If you switch on your heater but nothing happens, or just cool air comes from the vents, then you will need dependable repair services. As with our AC repair services, our Daphne heating technicians act carefully and deliberately when conducting heater repairs to be certain we fix every problem the right way and the first time.
  • Heater replacement: When your heater takes longer and longer to actually warm up your home, it is usually an indication that it is time to replace your heating system entirely. We will let you know if it would be more cost-efficient to replace your heater instead of trying to repair it over and over.
  • Heat pump installation: In Daphne, the climate is well-suited to heat pumps instead of a centralized heating system. A heat pump uses the warmer ambient air from the outside environment to warm up the interior of your home while simultaneously pushing cool air out. Some heat pump models can even go in reverse to cool your home in the summer!

Get a Breath of Fresh Air – Call (251) 260-3858

Have you been feeling stuffy in your own home? The problem might not be the weather outside. Instead, it could be the air inside.

Poor indoor air quality can cause the following health problems & more:

  • Asthma attacks
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Sniffles
  • Coughs
  • Discomfort
  • Dry skin

To enjoy spending time in your own home without discomfort again, count on our Daphne indoor air quality specialists from Daycool Heating & Air. We offer duct cleaning, sealing, and repair services that patch up damage air ducts and clear up any contaminants like dust and bacteria. With routine duct cleaning, you can even keep the air inside your home at its very best quality all throughout the year.

Want to know more about our Daphne AC installation & comprehensive HVAC services? Schedule a service using an online form or call (251) 260-3858 now!

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