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Shelby Miller

Office Manager
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Hometown: Mobile,Al

Hobbies: Being a mom

Birthday: April 09th

Shelby is a seasoned professional known for her exceptional skills in customer service and problem-solving. With a wealth of experience, she serves as the dedicated Office Manager and Financing Manager at DayCool, where her expertise ensures the smooth operation of daily tasks. As a long-time member of the DayCool team, Shelby has become an invaluable asset, consistently demonstrating a commitment to excellence.

Beyond her professional prowess, Shelby is a multifaceted individual with a passion for various interests. Whether she's navigating the waters on a boat, showcasing her dance moves, or enjoying the great outdoors, Shelby finds joy and fulfillment in diverse experiences. Her role as a mother adds another layer to her dynamic personality, highlighting her nurturing and caring nature. Shelby's enthusiasm for both work and life outside the office contributes to a positive and vibrant atmosphere within the DayCool team.