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AC Maintenance in Mobile, AL

Enhance Comfort & Efficiency With Annual AC Tune-Up in Baldwin County

While AC repair and replacement services are reactive responses to a situation, preventive maintenance is a proactive response. As equipment runs, it becomes susceptible to problems. It wears bearings, belts, plugs filters, and more. By catching the expected (or predicted) issues before they become significant, we can minimize the damage. Daycool Heating & Air offers preventative AC maintenance in Mobile that will ensure your AC unit powers you through the hot summer uninterrupted. The goal of preventive maintenance is to keep you from needing a new installation. By scheduling standardized service of your equipment or systems, you reduce the chance of your system failing.

Our Mobile HVAC team’s maintenance services include:

  • Changing filters and inspecting belts and wiring are the most basic services and should be done every service. Replacing belts as needed reduces wear on the motor. Checking wiring with an amp meter warns of impending motor failure. As the motor wears out or the load on the motor climbs, the amperage draw of the motor increases toward the maximum. In large motors, the draw across and between phases will also be checked. An uneven load is a sign of imbalance.
  • Visual inspections will warn us when weeds are growing too thick around a unit to allow proper air flow. It will let us know when to clean out the dust and dirt. If any damage has been done to the case, it will be discovered and rectified.
  • Coolant tests will maintain the home with the most efficiency. A unit low on coolant will work many times harder in an effort to drive the temperature to the set point on the thermostat.
  • Flow tests and temperature checks will let us know if there are duct issues. Leaky ducts may need sealed, repaired, or replaced. Duct cleaning allows the entire system to function better. (And the clean air lets your lungs function better as well.)
  • Home generator inspections can make sure that in the event of a power failure, you will still have the capability of powering your climate control.

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5 Ways AC Maintenance Saves You Money

1. Fewer repairs that are less expensive as well - When you subscribe to regular visits from your Mobile AC maintenance professionals you can rest assured that we'll catch a lot of problems before they happen, and a lot of problems before they can get worse too.

2.Longer life-span of your AC unit - Exactly how long your unit will last depends on environment, use and maintenance levels. If you want to get the most out of your existing unit, then AC maintenance is critical.

3. Increased energy efficiency - All HVAC units will become less efficient over time. What this means is while the indoor air temperature will be steady, your utility bills will rise because of this loss of efficiency that AC maintenance combats.

4. Can help you stay under warranty - You should always read the fine print of your warranties carefully, but a common stipulation in a lot of manufacturer warranties is that you get AC maintenance regularly.

5. More predictable costs - If you would rather know what you're spending on HVAC before you have to spend it then consult our Mobile AC maintenance experts. Not only do emergency repairs cost a pretty penny, but they'll eat into your savings more than you'd think.

How Often You Should Get An AC Tune Up

How often you should get an AC tune up depends on a variety of factors. If you're just looking to avoid major breakdowns and emergency repair calls, then once a year should be sufficient. But if you want to get the most out of your unit and ensure its stability this year and beyond then best practices indicate you should have our Mobile AC tune up experts in at least twice a year.

If you rely on your unit 24 hours a day and particularly if it's an older AC, then two AC tune ups a year is going to work best for you because it keeps you cooled and it keeps your system running for as little money as possible. When we let a lot of time get between AC tune up visits then your unit may get less efficient and end up costing you more every month than an additional appointment so give us a call today.

Schedule A Health Check for Your HVAC Maintenance

It is much easier and less stressful to set up a schedule of preventive maintenance than it is to come home to an air conditioning unit that is not functioning on a 100-degree day, or a furnace which isn’t heating when it’s cold outside. Trying to keep family members comfortable isn’t easy, and even though we have great response times, it can never be fast enough when you are uncomfortable.

Our prices are very competitive for these services, and if you don’t know our Mobile HVAC technicians yet, you will get to know them. They understand your system like the back of their hands, which will speed repair times in a troubleshooting situation.

Call our Mobile AC maintenance experts at (251) 260-3858 or complete our contact form so you can be proactive and prevent problems before they happen. Trust us, you'll be glad you did!

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