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Keeping Your Indoor Air Quality High is Important – Here’s Why

Stepping outside to get some fresh air is great, but only if the weather is permitting. What’s even better is being able to get fresh air right inside your own home. In order to make that happen, though, you need to be aware of your home’s indoor air quality and make a deliberate effort to keep that quality high.

Why Should You Care So Much About Indoor Air Quality?

To put it simply, everyone should care about the quality of the air they breathe, not just out in the world but also in their own homes. In fact, your home’s indoor air quality is arguably more important than the outside since you spend more time in your home and sleep there.

Breathing in fresh, clean air is beneficial to your overall health, as pretty much any doctor on the planet will tell you. Contrarily, breathing in dusty, dirty air is bad for your overall health. The longer your exposure to poor quality air, the more likely you will start to develop a negative health condition because of it, like asthma, allergies, or other respiratory problems.

Clean air with a lower concentration of impurities can also improve mental acuity. If you have been having trouble focusing while you are at home, then the problem could be rooted in your home’s poor air quality.

How Can You Improve Your Home’s Air Quality?

Now that you know how bad poor air quality in your home can be, the question becomes how can you fix it? Thanks to continual advancements in HVAC technology, it is easier than ever to make improvements to the indoor air quality of your home.

A great starting place is duct cleaning. This service will thoroughly clean the ventilation ducts that move air throughout your home if you have centralized air. Oftentimes, dust, dirt, dander, and even mold builds in these ducts simply due to the passage of time. Duct cleaning will get rid of all of those contaminants, loosening them through a cleaning process before collecting them with a high-powered vacuum.

For people with sensitive allergies and concerns about catching illnesses, UV lights can be installed strategically throughout air ducts for advanced air quality improvements. Microscopic bacteria, mold spores, and insects that pass through UV lights are eradicated due to the intense frequency of UV light waves. One Duke University study found that 97% of bacteria susceptible to UV light were eliminated within a hospital setting.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning!

While we are on the topic of taking steps to improve the air and safety of your home, it is helpful to take a moment to bring your attention to your dryer’s air vents. When you run the dryer, lint is captured in the lint trap, which helps prevent a dangerous dryer fire. However, most of the lint produces in an average laundry load avoids the lint trap entirely, ending up lodged in the air duct that spans between the dryer and an exterior wall of your home.

In a worst-case scenario, the lint in this air duct can clog the duct entirely, trapping heat whenever the dryer runs. The trapped air may get hot enough that it ignites the lint, causing a catastrophic house fire. To prevent this extremely dangerous scenario from happening in your home, you should get your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year. For households that run laundry several times a week, two or three dryer vent cleanings may be necessary.

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