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5 Ways To Save On Heating And Cooling In 2017

Happy New Year! How many of you are already looking at those resolutions to be more careful with your money, and wondering what you can do to cut your expenditures? Here are a few things that may help shave some money off of the heating and cooling portion of your monthly bills:

  • AEROSEAL®: Using our Aeroseal® home duct sealing method to correct issues in your existing ductwork can save a considerable amount over the year. Leaky ducts mean the air you are changing the temperature or may not get through the house efficiently. If you have temperature changes from room to room and you don’t feel consistent flow across all the registers, it is highly likely that an inspection will find leaks. Ducts treated with Aeroseal® mean that the heating and air systems will work more efficiently to get the temperatures controlled, keeping you MORE comfortable for LESS money. Who doesn’t like that?
  • SMART MANAGEMENT: Today’s technology can be a little intimidating, but a thermostat that learns your habits really will save you money. There are several brands on the market, and they take the term “programmable thermostat” to a new level. Now you can adjust the thermostat from your smartphone for maximum efficiency. And efficiency saves money and the fear that you left your system running all day while you’re away from home.