Why Air Duct Cleaning is So Important

Your air ducts are often neglected and go without cleaning until something negative happens. People tend to have their ducts cleaned when they start experiencing respiratory issues or allergies. They also have their ducts cleaned when they are told that their indoor air quality is low.

Having your ducts cleaned should become an annual habit, like spring cleaning or your annual physical exam. This will help ensure that you don’t end up with poor indoor air quality and don’t have to experience those respiratory ailments that come with dirty air ducts. Other reasons to clean your air ducts include:

  • Energy savings – Having clean air ducts can actually reduce your energy bills. When your ducts go without any maintenance for a long stretch, it accumulates dirt and debris that block the flow of conditioned air into your home. This makes your HVAC system work much harder to cool or heat your home, which raises your utility bill. When your ducts are clean, on the other hand, your HVAC system won’t have to overexert itself and your energy bills will be lower.
  • It helps you get rid of pests – Rodents, ants, bugs, and other pests can live in your ducts undisturbed and undetected. They can create a smelly mess that will permeate your home. Cleaning out your ducts on a regular basis will help you remove them and stop them from returning.
  • It helps you prevent the growth of molds – Another good reason to have ducts cleaned regularly is to stop molds from growing in them. Molds in your ducts can create health issues for residents in your home, ranging from minor respiratory problems to major health issues like migraines and some forms of cancer.

While most homeowners would only require an annual duct cleaning, individuals with pets that shed should have their ducts cleaned every six months. If you have a family member who has asthma, the six-month cleaning schedule should also be followed.

Day Cool Air is Your Go-to Company for Duct Cleaning & Maintenance

If you are thinking of putting your ductwork on a maintenance program, the company to contact in Mobile & Baldwin County, AL, is Day Cool Air. We specialize in HVAC services that include duct cleaningduct sealing, and the improvement of air quality with the help of UV lights. To find out how we can help you put your ducts on a maintenance plan, contact us to schedule an assessment.