Even New Homes Need a Home Energy Assessment

Buying a new home does not guarantee that it is energy efficient. In fact, it may be less energy-efficient than many existing homes because of construction shortcuts or poor installation work by the contractor. To ensure that your home does not cost you more than it should in utility bills before you move in, it is a good idea to have your new home evaluated for energy efficiency.

What is an Energy Assessment?

An energy assessment is an audit that is conducted by a professional who can tell you where your home uses more energy than it should. Also called an energy-efficiency evaluation, this audit will help you find out if your home has air leaks or other issues that cause your utility bills to spike. Some of the problems that can be found with an evaluation include drafty windows, leaking air ducts, and insufficient insulation.

An energy auditor will use tools and methods to identify problem areas and present them to you. After the evaluation, you will be given recommendations on better daily practices to adopt and items to fix to make your home more energy efficient. These recommendations can include replacing your windows and doors to more energy efficient options, adding more insulation or sealing your air ducts.

Why You Should Have an Energy Audit Before Moving In

While having an energy audit and having changes made to your home before you move in may cost you a bit of money, it will actually benefit you in the long run. Having the audit done and investing in the changes it identifies will give you a home that is energy-efficient for the long haul, allowing you to save on utility bills for years to come. You will also ensure that you are moving into a home that is comfortable and won’t have problems such as hot and cold spots due to energy inefficiency.

Who to Call for Your Energy Audit and Improvements

If you’ve recently bought a home in Mobile or Baldwin County, AL, the company to call for an energy audit is Day Cool Heating and Air. We have the certified professionals who can analyze your home and identify where work needs to be done to make it more energy-efficient.

Some of the tools and methods that we use to do this include insulation assessment, air flow assessment, and the blower door test that pinpoints unwanted drafts and leaks. To create an energy-efficient and money-saving home, contact us online or give us a call at 251-260-3858. We can help you improve your new home before you start living in it.