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Tips to Help Homeowners Save on Heating Bills

When the chill of winter sets in, using your heater on a daily basis becomes the norm. On the coldest days, the tendency is to crank up your heater. This can raise your energy bills significantly.

Don’t worry. There are some things you can do to counter the spike in energy consumption that you experience when sub-zero temperatures happen and you need the extra heat to keep your family warm. Here are some tips that can help you lower energy consumption and subsequently save on heating bills:

Make sure your heater is checked before winter begins – Having your heating system checked a few weeks before winter arrives will help you get it in tiptop shape before you need it. Having your heating system checked ahead of time will allow you to exercise measures to make it work efficiently. This includes the changing of filters, the cleaning of ducts, and other issues that may cause your heating system to work inefficiently.

Have a smart thermostat installed – Did you know that having a smart thermostat controlling your home’s heating can actually cut winter energy costs by 15%? Smart thermostats know when to turn your heat on and off. It also knows when people are not at home so it lowers your temperature to a setting that consumes very little energy. It then cranks up the heat to its normal levels before people get home to ensure that the house is warm enough by the time everyone arrives.

Check insulation before the cold months arrive – If your energy bill spikes unexpectedly, that could signal a lack of proper insulation. Have your insulation checked by a professional and have an energy audit done to discover where your problem areas are.

Check your home for air leaks and ductwork issues – Air leaks and holes in your ducts can cost you a lot in heating bills. This is because your heating system won’t be operating at its most efficient due to these holes and leaks. Have an assessment done on your home to determine if your ducts have holes in them and if your doors and windows are drafty. If your ductwork has holes and leaks, this can be addressed with duct sealing. If air leaks are found, air sealing is the solution you can turn to.

Trust in an Expert to Help You With Energy Efficiency Issues

The best thing you can actually do to help reduce energy bills, whether it is in the summer or in the winter, is to have your home tested for energy efficiency. Once you’ve done this, you can exact measures that will help you greatly reduce your energy consumption, which in turn can help reduce your energy bills. In Mobile & Baldwin County, AL the experts to trust with such a task is Day Cool Air.

We are a company that believes in promoting not only energy efficiency through efficient cooling systems and heating systems. We also believe in helping people live healthier lives and to save on energy costs with the help of energy audits and other energy-saving home improvements. To find out how we can help you, contact us today so we can schedule you for a free assessment and estimate.