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Duct Sealing Service in Mobile & Baldwin County, AL

Duct Sealing Service in Mobile & Baldwin County, AL

Heading into the fall, you will be spending more time indoors. Find out what sealing your ducts can mean for your comfort and health.

Daycool is your local premier Aeroseal dealer. Aeroseal is a revolutionary patented technology that is saving home and business owners money by changing the way we care for our heating and cooling systems. In addition to maintenance and occasional repair, upkeep of any heating and cooling system is essential. Even those who feel they take all precautionary measures to care for their system may feel as if it is not running to it’s full capacity. This is often caused by leaky ductwork.

The sealant works by correcting flaws in your structure’s existing ductwork. On average, you can lose 20-40% of conditioned air due to duct leaks. Pollutants seep in, and your hot or cool air seeps out. Our process causes polymer particles to fill a leak in your home or office’s heating and air system by causing them to stick to the edges of the leak, then to one another, until the leak is sealed.

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Now you can finally keep the air you pay for!

Sealed leaks in your ducts means the air will be able to go where it is supposed to go- towards your indoor comfort. This will allow your system to keep a consistent and steady temperature, preventing those “hot spots” and “cold spots.” Your heating and air system no longer have to work so hard to make up for the leaks!

Are allergies a problem for you and your family? If you have leaks in your ductwork, you have pollutants in your home! Our seal blocks off allergens, such as dust and mold, and keeps them out of your heating and cooling system. The patented formula is also non-toxic, so there is no need to worry about your family breathing in any harsh chemicals after the use of Aeroseal.

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