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Duct Leakage Testing with UV Lights in Mobile & Baldwin County, AL

Duct Leakage Testing with UV Lights in Mobile & Baldwin County, AL

Air quality is tremendously important. This is a true statement in every home and if there are members of your family with breathing issues, it becomes paramount. Nothing can ruin a nice day like an asthma attack or bronchitis fit. So what can you do to help? Well, first there is the basic checklist:

  • Are you changing your filters on a regular basis?
  • Have you invited us in to check your ductwork for any leaks which might pull air in that is less than satisfactory?
  • Have we cleaned your ductwork for you?

If you are already doing all of those things, we have another option to present: UV Lighting. UV lighting will control those things which are too small to be stopped by the filter. (A filter which stopped all particulates would basically be too dense to allow air flow.)

Duke University pioneered a study in which UV lighting was used to kill drug-resistant bacteria within the hospital with an effectiveness rate of 97%.

In a study conducted by the National Homeland Security Research Center’s Office of Research and Development in June 2006, UV lighting was proven to be 93% effective in eliminating B. Atrophaeus, 99.97% for S. marcescens and 99% for MS2. In this study, UV lights were installed in ductwork to measure their effectiveness in a biohazard situation. However, the results do translate to our more mundane applications as well. Here is a quote from that study:

“UV lamps have been used to inactivate airborne microorganisms for many years. Much of the early work was directed at the control of very infectious microorganisms (particularly Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of tuberculosis), often in medical facilities. Wavelengths within the short wave, or C band of UV light (UVC), were found to be the most effective germicidal light wavelengths. UVC usually is generated by use of UVC fluorescent lamps. These lamps use electrical discharge through low-pressure mercury vapor enclosed in a glass tube that transmits UVC light (primarily at the mercury wavelength of 253.7 nm). Because this wavelength has been found to be about the optimum for killing microorganisms, UVC from mercury lamps also is referred to as UVG to indicate that it is germicidal. UVG has been shown to inactivate viruses, mycoplasma, bacteria, and fungi when used appropriately.”

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Lights have been shown to be very effective in mold and virus control as well. In one demonstration, a UV-C light was placed near a coil so plugged with mold that the airflow was reduced to 15%. With no other cleaning, the coil air flow increased to 85% within 30 days.

By eliminating bacteria and mold, these lights freshen the air, eliminating odors.

Used in commercial applications as a means of cleansing and sterilization, these lights are used in many functions in hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and more

UV lighting is being used in large commercial air handlers to control air quality. It is said that some sensitive people can even tell when the UV bulb has burned out by the reduction in air quality.

There are two types of UV Lighting: Coil Sterilizing and Air Sterilizing. The coil sterilizing light is working full time to keep the coils clean. It is effective and is the most economical. For the cost of installation and about two dollars a month, air can be much cleaner. The air sterilizing units are a larger bulb, and actually shed light into the duct, cleaning the air as it comes through. This unit is run when the air handler or fan is turned on or cycling.

Not only will the air quality increase but the lack of mold and “gunk” will expand the life of your system. This has been shown to result in more efficient operation of the unit, allowing an energy savings. Although all of the results aren’t in, there are some convincing studies which show up to 30% better operation after the light is installed and the unit is kept cleaner.

Not only can you take steps to clean the air in your home and protect your lungs, but you can also provide protection for your heating and cooling systems. Give us a call, and we can design a UV set-up to improve your life.