Use Your Ceiling Fan To Boost Your HVAC Efficiency

You may be ignoring a money-saving tool that already exists in your home - one that could save you ten, twenty, even thirty percent over the course of a summer! Reports vary as to results and savings, but they all agree that a you’ll save money by using your ceiling fan.

There are several factors which will determine how much you can save. Here are some tips you can try to decrease your energy usage and increase savings.

  • The location of your fanThe location and width of your fans will have a huge impact. You should install your fans directly over areas where you and your family will be active. For instance, in the family room, arrange seating under the fan. The table should be under the dining room fan, and the bed under the bedroom fan. The reason is this: The way a fan works is by changing the perceived comfort level rather than influencing the actual room temperature. The body perceives a temperature drop when the air is circulating, and a change of even a few degrees will make you feel cooler.