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6 Signs Of Wear And Tear On Your Ducts

6 Signs Of Wear And Tear On Your Ducts

Depending on the age of your home, and the type of ductwork you have, it may be time to re-evaluate your current installation. If you have solid ducts, and notice any of these signs, it may be worthwhile to weigh all the options for cleaning, repair, or replacement. You may want to weigh the cost of cleaning and sealing, and possibly re-supporting the old ducts in comparison to putting in new ductwork. If you already have flexible ductwork, it may be as easy to replace as to try to seal the current ducts. Here are the signs of ductwork issues that will signal the need for further investigation.

  • INCONSISTENT TEMPERATURES THROUGH THE HOME: The thing that usually grabs the attention of the homeowner is the change in temperatures from one area of the home to another. If you are starting to kick the furnace on for those chilly nights, and still find that the family room is cold, it is time to investigate the cause. Lost air between the furnace and the family room could be due to several causes, but the easy ones to look for are obvious leaks at joints, or holes.
  • THE FURNACE OR AIR CONDITIONING CYCLES MORE FREQUENTLY: If the furnace just shut off, and is suddenly back on again, then it is time to check the ductwork. If the airflow has changed, the furnace may be cycling more to keep the temperature consistent.

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  • THE AIR FLOW IS NEARLY NONEXISTENT IN SOME AREAS: If you happen to be near an air vent, and you notice that you can barely feel any air movement, it may signal a problem. Check the other vents in the house, and see if the issue is everywhere, or just in certain rooms. A collapsed duct, compromised sealing tape, or broken down insulation may be restricting or leaking air in one section of the ductwork.
  • THE SMELL OF RODENTS PERMEATES THE AIR WHEN THE FURNACE CYCLES: Never a favorite issue for any homeowner, it is a fact that rodents are drawn to the warmth of your ductwork. If you notice that smell when the furnace kicks on, it is time to make the call to Daycool Heating and Air.
  • MOLDY AROMA: A moldy or mildew presence means that condensation may have gathered along the ducts. Broken down insulation or compromised duct tape may be the cause. This is also a cause to call Daycool Heating and Air.
  • WET CEILING: If your ductwork is run through the attic of your home, and you notice any wet spotting on your ceiling, you will want to have this investigated, as well. This could be a condensation issue that can cause greater issues if left to spread.

If you have a flow issue such as in items 1 through 3, we can do a flow test to check the air flow through the home. The results of this test will indicate which course of action will be most efficient and economical for you. If you are facing issues such as 4-6, the eradication of the issue is more urgent, and an on-site investigation should ensue as soon as possible, especially if anyone in the home has breathing issues.

Daycool Heating and Air has trained service techs who will dispatch to your home quickly, and treat your time and property with respect. They will find the problem, go over the next steps, and respond when a decision is made as to the course of action. Be sure to call Daycool if you notice any of these signs that your ductwork may be an issue.